New Website

Well here we are at last! The long promised new website, a work in progress but at least getting there. We have tried to give a flavour of the variety of designer art and craft we show in the gallery, with new pieces arriving frequently.

Work by established local makers is displayed alongside quality contemporary craft from all over the British Isles. We travel widely to source new work and meet many interesting makers along the way. Some have purpose built studios and workshops, some prefer the kitchen table or a spare room, but all have a passion for their subject and a skill in their field perfected over years.

This summer we will once again be awarding the Lion Gallery prize to a worthy student graduating from Hereford College of Arts. The prize also comes with the opportunity to exhibit at the gallery and thus encourage and support a new generation of designer makers. Past winners have gone on to continue to work professionally and some still show their work at the Gallery several years later.

As this blog develops I hope to introduce you to some of the faces behind the work we show and perhaps give an insight into some of the techniques used. I knew that media and techniques module would come in useful one day.

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