Herefordshire ArtWeek (h’Art) 7-15 Sept 2019

The Lion Gallery, Leominster
The Lion Gallery, 15b Broad St, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8BT

It is quite a luxury for established makers to have the time and space to develop their work. In ‘New Directions’ the four makers featured for h.Art at the Lion Gallery Leominster have all done just that.

Nicola Haigh

Nicola Haigh well known for her hand-painted batik silk scarves has risen to the challenge of the title by producing a series of bird pictures. This is a new subject matter for her and she does it by combining existing skills in a totally new way. We will also have a good display of her unique scarves on show.

Daniel Griffiths

Daniel Griffiths who trained locally as a blacksmith and later at Norwich School of Art in sculpture. Until now he has had a working forge, but having moved has had to change techniques. His new pieces develop his existing skills in mould making and casting, continues his interest in natural history but in a completely new and free way. He feels he has more direct contact with the work by being able to directly model materials, which was not an option when forging steel.

Helen Vine

Helen Vine who has had much experience in the Creative Industries and trained originally as a printmaker, has become well known for her devoree textile work. Up to now this has largely been on an architectural theme. For this show however she has explored new subjects from natural history and experimented with her colour palette. For Helen this is a work in progress as her creative development is due to extend further with new art collaborations and techniques. We have an earlier jacket for comparison and Helen is happy to work to commission. Helen has kindly agreed to give an informal demonstration of her work on Wednesday September 11th between 2pm and 5pm. Space is limited so entrance may have to be staggered.

Rowan Mconegal

Rowan Mconegal (who is also a practising herbalist) has made a name for herself in stained glass making. After recent training in Japan she is now practising the art of Japanese woodblock printing. Originally trained as a printmaker Rowan has discovered quite a few similarities in the two disciplines, including economy of form and the use of layering. As a direct comparison of the two techniques we are showing some of the last stained glass Rowan made, often using prized pieces of glass saved for her best work and using a much simpler, more graphic approach than her usual glass. These pieces will be available to purchase.
Rowan has kindly agreed to give an informal demonstration of woodblock printing on Tuesday September the 10th . Space is limited and entrance may be staggered. The Gallery will also be showing its usual high standard of contemporary art and craft sourced locally and throughout the British Isles.

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